Board of Directors


  • President - Mike McClenahan
  • Vice President & Treasurer - Vic Medland
  • Secretary - Keith M. Foot
  • Assistant Secretary - Sheila Evans
  • Vice President - Carole Yari


  • Robert Jones - Adminplex Resource Services Inc.
  • Keith M. Foot - Automated Administration Services Inc.
  • Yafa Sakkejha - Beneplan Inc.
  • Darren Sacks - Benecaid Health Benefit Solutions Inc.
  • Mike McClenahan - Benefits By Design
  • Neil Paton - EDGE Benefits
  • Gerri O'Leary - Johnston Group Inc.
  • Lisa Watt - Manion Wilkins and Associates Ltd.
  • Vic Medland - Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan
  • Carole Yari - RWAM Insurance Administrators Inc.

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